Sarah Herbert: Special Education Consultant

  • Background
    Sarah is a qualified teacher. She has worked as a SENCo and in a number of special education settings for children with a wide variety of needs and as a special educational needs advisory teacher for a local authority in London. She also lectures on dyslexia for the institute of education in London. She has a strong commitment to helping children through working with schools and families, and has a good understanding of the realities of the classroom.

    BEd (hons)
    MA (education and ICT)
    Postgraduate certificate in special educational needs (dyslexia)
    Cued Articulation Trainer
    Numicon (closing the gap with numicon intervention programme) Trainer
    Specialist and advanced level dyslexia trainer

    The Inclusion Toolkit, published by Sage (due to be published summer 2011) 

    Training packages available:
    For developing teaching and learning:
    Memory friendly teaching strategies
    Motivation friendly teaching strategies
    Creating a collaborative classroom
    Supporting poor spellers
    Teaching Reading
    Teaching synthetic phonics
    Improving comprehension
    Introduction to dyslexia
    Using P scales effectively
    Supporting children with maths difficulties in the primary school
    Designing and using visual timetables
    Writing and using social stories
    Teaching active listening
    An introduction to autism spectrum conditions

    For managing SEN:
    Using teaching assistants effectively
    Managing SEN strategically through provision mapping
    Writing your disability equality scheme

    Training packages can be designed to your requirements, please contact Sarah for more details
    Training can also be offered as parent-friendly workshops for parent's evenings

    Services to parents
    Assessment and report around literacy difficulties for 6-14 year olds
    Intervention programmes (teaching) children ages 6-14 with literacy difficulties
    Assessment and report on number difficulties in 6-11 year olds (working below national curriculum level 2A)
    Intervention programmes (teaching) for  6-11 year olds working below national curriculum level 2A with number difficulties
    Working with parents to advise your child's school about their needs
    Consultation regarding the learning needs of children with physical disabilities

    If you would like to contact Sarah please fill out the contact form below

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