Helen Went: Speech and Language Therapist

Helen is an HPC registered speech and language therapist. She has worked in social service day nurseries, clinics and schools. She developed a collaborative service working with teachers in mainstream schools, leading whole school training, working through the curriculum with children and their families. She now has her own children and works as an independent therapist in nurseries, homes and schools, advising teachers and parents and offering assessment and therapy to children when appropriate. She has experience of working with young children with autism spectrum condition. She has a strong commitment to helping children through working with schools and families, and has a good understanding of the realities of the classroom.

Assessment and Therapy
Assessment of 2-7 year olds for speech language and communication difficulties, using play observation and formal assessment. A full report can be provided with recommendations and strategies.

Developing individualised programmes for children experiencing speech, language or communication difficulties. These would include games, activities and strategies, with suggestions about how to incorporate targets into the school day and develop whole class teaching strategies which will be supportive to many. The programmes can be reviewed on a regular basis. 

Direct therapy working with an individual child in their home for regular sessions when necessary. This will include advice to parents and activities and strategies for them to use. These strategies may include an approach called non-directive play which facilitates effective language learning through play.

For nurseries and schools
Parent talks and advice clinics

Working alongside staff in education settings to develop skills such as play based language learning, and structured language activities.

Nursery training package: a four hour package usually delivered in two twilight or evening sessions. Helen works with a specialist teacher to provide a unique approach.

Helen is currently developing a training package for mainstream primary schools